Adult Lessons

It is never too late to learn how to swim! Whether you are looking to learn the basics or improve your technique, our instructors will work with you to achieve your swimming goals. At The Aquatic Zone, our adult lessons are geared for swimmers ages 13 and older. From beginners to advanced, these lessons are a great option for those looking to conquer their fear of the water or who are looking to become stronger swimmers.

Beginner Adult:
The Adult Beginner swim class is for adults learning to swim. Many times, adults who do not know how to swim are embarrassed to be in the pool. This is ok and to be expected.

The Goals of an Adult Beginner Class:

  1. Develop a high comfort level underwater
  2. Independently swim Freestyle in a relaxed state
  3. Develop a relaxed back position with kicking

    Advanced Adult:
    The Advanced Adult swim class is for adults who know how to swim. These swimmers are comfortable underwater, can independently swim Freestyle in a relaxed state, and are relaxed on their back while kicking. 

    The Goals of an Advanced Adult Class:

    1. Side breathing drills
    2. Swimming Freestyle with side breathing
    3. Back stroke arms

      Swim For Fitness

      If your child swims in a Seals level or above, and is looking to fine-tune their swimming techniques, consider adding a Swim for Fitness class. These classes offer students the opportunity to improve their swimming strokes and endurance, making them quicker and more efficient in the water. Classes are 45 minutes long and are a good introduction to swim team workouts.

      Swim For Fitness Offers:

      1. Physical conditioning to build strength and endurance.
      2. Stroke refinement.
      3. Advanced skills that are beyond basic swimming such as starts and turns.
      4. Guided instruction where students are given 1-on-1 feedback.
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