Safety First, Always!

Drowning prevention is an essential component for families. At The Aquatic Zone, we are committed to teaching our families safety skills around water and the life-saving skill of learning to swim. Swim lessons are one of the most valuable ways you can keep your children safer in and around the water. Swimming safety is important for all children. According to the National Institutes of Health, participation in formal swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children 1-4 years old.

Our Swim Safe Program

The Aquatic Concepts nationally recognized Swim Safe Program is created using a year-round approach that incorporates best practices in our industry. Our program recommends swimming in a once or twice a week class that takes place in a small group setting. This consistent time in water helps develop a comfortable and confident swimmer.

A child does not learn to swim until they are comfortable putting their head down and eyes in the water. Learning to move through the water and being confident underwater is the first step in learning to swim.

Water Wisdom about Babies & Young Kids:
Most toddlers under 18 months are comfortable being in the water. They don’t mind getting water in their eyes, ear, noses, or mouths. As kids get a little older and don’t know how to swim, sometimes this experience can be more uncomfortable. This is common and the progressions of our program will help.

Drowning Quick Facts

  1. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury related death for children ages 1-4 year old.
  2. Drowning is fast and silent. It can happen in as little as 20-60 seconds.
  3. No one is drown-proof.
  4. 23% of child drownings happen during a family gathering near a pool.
  5. In the U.S. drowning takes an average of 3,500-4,000 lives per year. That is an average of 10 fatal drownings per day.
  6. Drowning remains in the top 5 causes of unintentional injury related death from birth to 54 years old.
  7. Learning to swim can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% for 1-4 year olds who take formal swim lessons.

Safety Measures

You can count on us!

We have put guidelines in place to keep our families and employees safe and healthy in our facility. Please take a moment to review!

Is it safe to swim?

  • Yes. The CDC issued guidance that it is safe to swim as the virus cannot be spread via properly chlorinated and maintained pool water.
  • Here is a LINK to the CDC direction on swimming and pool water.

    What can I expect to see different at The Aquatic Zone?

      Teachers in the water with students will be wearing face shields. Our goal is to maintain our commitment to creating a safe and kind environment while also keeping your children and our valued teachers safe. Office counters will be equipped with protective acrylic barriers.

      We are counting on all of our Aquatic Zone families to continue to respect social distancing while in the office, on the pool decks and around our changing areas. We highly encourage families to come and leave in swim gear as much as possible to reduce the number of people in the changing area before and after lessons.

      Showers will be closed until guidelines change. Please dry off and exit the building following your lesson. There will be flow stickers to guide your way with ease. Bring the minimal amount of personal items into the swim school. Parents must remain in the building while they have a child in swim lessons.

      Water fountain is closed until further notice and families are encouraged to bring their own water.

      Please stay home if you have any symptoms.

      What is The Aquatic Zone doing to keep the swim center clean?

      • We have always followed CDC cleaning protocols and those set out by other health professionals and authorities. We also use CDC-recommended cleaning products.
      • The facility will be wiped down throughout the day as swim families come and go, including high traffic areas and all door handles, tables, chairs, toilets, etc.
      • Hand sanitizers will remain available at the entrance and exit as well as in our changing rooms and restrooms.

        What steps does The Aquatic Zone take to properly maintain their pools?

        • The Aquatic Zone is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that monitors pool chemicals electronically and, in addition, we perform scheduled and documented manual water tests throughout the day to maintain healthy and balanced pools.
        • The Aquatic Zone pools are permitted by the Riverside County Health Department and are periodically inspected without notice by local authorities.
        • Our dehumidifiers have features like antimicrobial filters and controls that enable us to maintain healthy humidity levels that reduce the survival of bacteria and viruses.
        • We are confident that our pools are some of the cleanest and safest places for your children and our instructors.

          Personal Protective Gear

          Face coverings are optional for fully vaccinated persons. Face coverings should NOT be worn in the pool. At this time:

          • Face shields will be worn by swim instructors while in the pool.
          • Acrylic sneeze guards will be on the Front Desk counters.
          • Personal Protective Equipment will be worn by The Aquatic Zone School Swim Instructors and Staff. Proper bins for disposal will be available.

          Let’s Go Swimming

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