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Our Philosophy

Learning life skills through swimming is our philosophy. We believe that the skills learned in the pool extend far beyond our swimming pools and into the homes of our families. Our classes teach children to listen and follow instructions, teamwork, respect for oneself and others, and how to overcome obstacles and fears.

The ability to learn any new skill is always dependent upon the foundation that is established in the initial stage of instruction. The foundation building process is what allows our program to consistently develop the most comfortable, confident and effective swimmers in a positive and enjoyable manner.

Our Teaching Methods

The foundation we develop at the pool has three major elements. We focus on Comfort, Body Balance, and Movement. We believe that before a child can learn strokes and kicking, there must be a comfort with floating with eyes down while passing through the water. Learning to control equilibrium in the water is required before any movement skills can be learned. Balance in the water is completely opposite of what we experience on land. Once we achieve comfort and balance, our swimmers make great progress with adding movement skills.

Our Teaching Methods

At the heart of the pool is a group of swim instructors that are known for their patience and affection for children. Our instructors are highly trained in the Aquatic Concepts, Inc. method of teaching swimming to all ages. Our instructors attend several intensive clinics as well as 20 hours of team teaching with senior mentor instructors. We train and re-train our instructors to utilize ‘directional swim instruction’ (not turning their backs to the class) Naturally, each instructor is certified in CPR. All teachers attend our regular meetings, study sessions, and in-pool clinics, further refining our goal to be the cutting edge swim center in the nation.