About Us

about us

Opened in February 2006, The Aquatic Zone is a year-round swim school, owned and operated by Christi Caldin. With our signature swimsafe training program, we make swimming simple. Everyone who enters our doors will learn to be safe in and around the water. Drowning prevention is our top priority. When your child comes to The Aquatic Zone, you are taking action to provide their water safety education. We specialize in systemized progression, from learning the basics of how to swim to competitive swim classes. The Aquatic Zone was founded on the fundamental belief that every child can learn to swim. We combine our passion of teaching with kindness while developing swimming skills through learned progressions that grow with our swimmers!

Our Team

Our team of dedicated swim professionals is the heartbeat of The Aquatic Zone. This fun loving group is moving through our pools all day long serving our students and families as they learn how to swim. We only hire team members who care about children, and are kind, fun, and love being in the water all year long. Being a swim instructor is a very demanding job both physically and mentally. They make it look easy, but don’t be fooled… our team truly cares about water safety and it shows in our pools. Let’s meet each of them.


You’ve heard her on the phone. You’ve talked to her through text. Our fearless leader and the one who put all of this together, Christi took her passion for swim and water safety and built everything around it.


Both in and out of the water, she guides swimmers and the team alike. Her leadership keeps things running smoothly. Something interesting about Tiffanie is that she is the Queen of Halloween.


Kyle leads our water team by passing on his teaching knowledge as well as growing his group of swimmers. Star Wars and football are his passions outside of swimming. He brings both discipline and fun to his classes with ease.


Amanda has a BA in Creative Writing from UCR. Passing a love of the water on to new people is the most fulfilling thing she could have imagined. A fun fact about Amanda is that she enjoys deep diving into film and literature.


Her favorite teaching moments include watching her students’ overcome plateaus and progress further in their swimming journey. As a former Aquatic Zone student, Hailey knows what it takes to be a great swim teacher.

Jocelyn M

Jocelyn is studying kinesiology. When she’s not training and laughing with her swimmers, Jocelyn enjoys reading and going to concerts. A fun fact about Jocelyn is that she grew up doing dance and gymnastics.


Jenny has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from CSUF. In her free time she loves spending time with her cats and having fun outdoors. Her favorite teaching moments are watching fearful swimmers develop confidence and love for the water.


Dani is studying hard to pursue medicine. Teaching helps her to change things up and give back to the world. When she’s not swimming or studying she spends a lot of time with her family and friends. She also loves to read.


Bri is currently studying Business Administration. An avid swimmer herself, she’s able to dive into the intricacies of each stroke for her students. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach and traveling.


Reagan is currently working towards his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Music Composition. He finds pride in the growing excitement of his students as they master their skills in the water. A fun fact about Reagan is that he is a semi-professional e-sports competitor.


When she’s not in the water, Victoria is hitting the slopes as an avid snowboarder. You can spot her from a mile away from her color changing hair or Grinch themed articles! She loves supporting her swimmers in reaching new heights to their swimming.


Ryan is a student-athlete, playing baseball and studying Education. This coach is no stranger to The Aquatic Zone. He literally grew up here! He has such a spark for teaching and working with the kids.


Mikey is currently studying Nursing. He is a compassionate coach who enjoys watching his swimmers excel in the water. Outside of the water, Mikey enjoys working out and spending time with family.


When she's not in the water you could find her helping out at her local hospital, stepping closer to reaching her goals of going into nursing. Mackenzie's favorite teaching moments include sharing day to day stories with the kids, big laughs, and even bigger hugs.


Josh is currently studying English Composition. He grew up swimming competitively and wanted to continue to share his passion for the water with others. He aims to have all of his swimmers develop a positive relationship with the water.

Jocelyn J

Jocelyn has been a part of The Aquatic Zone family for over a decade. Even as she’s building her own family, she still loves having the opportunity to help others in and out of the pools.


Max brings energy to everything he is doing. His favorite teaching moments include seeing his swimmers unlock their potential in the water. Out of the pool, Max likes working on cars and other projects.


Grace is full of energy and smiles. She comes to the pools ready to conquer the water and get her swimmers safe and happy. Her positive attitude lights up the pools.


Sam takes pleasure in welcoming families with a friendly face and provides lighthearted humor within the team. His career goal is working in Sports Medicine and bringing healing to athletes.


Ivy is currently studying Criminology. She enjoys greeting and helping any and every one of our swim families. In her free time she enjoys going on hikes and playing volleyball.


Jade is studying in Early Childhood Development. Her favorite teaching moments include watching her students evolve into strong independent swimmers. A fun fact about Jade is that she enjoys riding horses.


City is currently a nursing student. She brings humor into her everyday moments, fueled by the energy of her students. Her favorite moments include sparking up laughter among her class.


Colin is a student at Cal Baptist University studying Finance. As a positive role model, he promotes maintaining a welcoming and fun environment for his students.


She is studying Psychology. She enjoys encouraging her students to improve their skills as well as understanding the importance of water safety. A fun fact about Jasmine is that she is her own nail-tech!


Yanti wants people to enjoy swimming as much as he does! He loves to play water polo, travel and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Knowing how to swim with confidence is an important life skill that he wants to give to everyone.


Fun Fact

Swim instructor Ryan has roots inside the walls of The Aquatic Zone. As you are welcomed at the entrance of The Aquatic Zone, the child swimming by you on the wall is Ryan at 3 years old. Ryan also learned to swim at The Aquatic Zone and was a big part of our program development through the years. Today, Ryan plays a vital role in helping frightened beginners gain their confidence in the water.

Our Community Recognition

We are honored to be the recipient for 16 consecutive years for the Best of Corona Swimming Instruction Award, and 13 consecutive years for Corona Business Hall of Fame.

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