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Learning to swim is a skill that lasts a lifetime.

The Aquatic Zone Indoor Swim Center offers year round classes that focus on comfort, body balance, and movement in an indoor, warm environment. Our classes focus on consistency to develop a comfortable and confident swimmer. Please call our office to schedule. 951-739-4300

Learning To Swim Is As Simple As 1.2.3.

The Aquatic Zone is a year round, indoor swim center that provides opportunities for children and adults to learn to swim. We offer a variety of programs year round. The swim center has been designed to provide the best environment possible to teach swimming. Warm water, safe entry steps, 4 foot water depth, and fun learning atmosphere make this a place where learning to swim is simple.

The Aquatic Zone offers a year round lesson curriculum that is created around sound swimming fundamentals and promotes active learning in each class. The teaching philosophy is based on our instructors understanding not only how to teach swimming, but also includes knowledge of childhood development. This program eases students into the water so they begin to feel safe and comfortable in the pool.

Our goal at the Aquatic Zone is to teach everyone to love the water and be safe enjoying it. Swimmers will learn to enjoy the exhilaration of swimming and have a life long skill of swimming.